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Companies we believe in

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Telluride Rentals By Owner

Telluride Rentals helps you book your home by investing marketing dollars in a number of channels and providing a team of locally trained Vacation Rental Specialists staffed to book your home 365 days per year. We offer professional photography and videography service as well as custom web listings, without the expense of full-service property management.

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Mountain Homes Photography
In the digital age, photography is the single most important investment you can make in order to make sure people are actually clicking on your listing. Mountain Homes Photography will make sure your home looks amazing to potential guests whether it's on Rentalz, HomeAway, AirBnB, or any other marketing channel.
Ajax Cleaning

Ajax Cleaning is Telluride’s most established cleaning company.  They offer a full spectrum of cleaning services, around the clock and throughout the year.  We’re committed to providing the best service and customer care.

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Avalara - My Lodge Tax

Avalara's MyLodgeTax was founded by vacation rental owners to offer a very simple and affordable lodging tax compliance solution for other homeowners and hosts. They speak about taxes in easy terms, not complicated jargon. Their mission is to take care of all the forms, registrations, filings and tax payments their our customers so they don’t have to worry about it.

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Full-Service Property Management

Many homeowners seek the services of a full-service property management company.  We have longstanding relationships in town and can highly recommend the services of the following full-service property management companies: